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What Is My Business Carbon Footprint?

If you are like most companies, you probably won’t know what your carbon footprint is. Thankfully, it is easy to measure and calculate, especially if you partner with a carbon-offsetting scheme.

Citrix Online has offset its GHG Protocol Scope 1 & 2, and 3 in respect of travel emissions with PURE, a registered charity (No. 1112249), which supports the UK Government Code of best practice for carbon offsetting. By supporting PURE, you can take responsibility for your business emissions through compensating the environment for your carbon dioxide pollution.

Donations to PURE financially support Kyoto Protocol emissions reduction projects around the world and are used to buy carbon credits. PURE then cancels these credits, limiting the amount of carbon dioxide that polluters are allowed to release into the atmosphere. Emission reductions are audited and verified by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism; or for UK projects by the National Energy Foundation.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Citrix Online wants to encourage others to support this cause. Following the link above to the PURE Web site allows you to calculate your carbon footprint.