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Case Study

Keen to ‘go green’ but not sure how you can make a big difference? Here’s one company that has taken steps to significantly reduce its carbon emissions. Why not take a leaf out of its book and introduce similar initiatives to lessen your company’s impact on the environment?

T G Allison cuts carbon emissions by 80% (PDF)

Based in West Wales, UK, T G Allison is a technology consultancy specialising in installing and managing software to automate and control the process for milking cows. The company has clients spread across an area of more than 1,580 square miles.

Through the use of remote access and support tools, T G Allison has dramatically lessened its impact on the environment by reducing the time it spends travelling to and from clients by as much as 80 percent.

Download this case study for more information on how T G Allison reduced its carbon footprint (PDF).