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How Can I Reduce My Business Travel?

Reducing Business Travel

Did you know that a commute of 15 miles to and from work by car produces 27 pounds of carbon? That’s equivalent to half the level of carbon that the average UK household emits in one day!

What if you allowed your employees to work from home one day per week? What if you had your next meeting online?

Using Citrix Online’s remote working and online collaboration tools, GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting, you can reduce travel time and increase productivity, while reducing CO2 emissions. Sign up for a free trial of GoToMyPC or GoToMeeting.

Products That Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

GoToMyPC GoToMeeting
Provides fast, easy and secure
remote access to your PC from
any Web browser.
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Is the easiest, most secure
and cost-effective solution for
conducting online meetings.
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